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tv   Action News at 5PM  ABC  September 27, 2016 5:00pm-5:25pm EDT

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>> was pushing for change but stopping short of an apology. the governor. is missing should be done differently. >> thank you for joining us. the governor. getting an up mosaic a plan even touring the radioactive water by chopper. >> hours ago he told us residents in the surrounding neighborhood should have been told about that whole much sooner. >> ryan has followed the story from the beginning and joins us live. ryan, did the governor say why this was kept secret for so long? >> the current law doesn't
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public pierce there is a lingering question about moral responsibility. there was one month ago today when right beyond that smokestack a sinkhole opened up spilling millions of gallons of toxic water into the aquifer and they went about their normal lives for weeks. if there is one returning theme in the neighborhoods around mosaic- >> they were to tell anybody.>> reporter: it is the deafening silence. no one said anything about this toxic coal to people like that jones a couple miles away. >> in a right. right. >> reporter: finally today even the governor agrees. >> we are doing this. >> the governor for the chopper this morning to get a close-up to work. more than 215,000,000 gallons of radioactive water one month
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>> we clearly have a lot with regard to public notification. there is no common sense in the when pollution whether it is a company, the city or the county we have to notify people. it is the right thing to do.>> reporter: the governor stopped short of an apology. instead he ordered the dep to institute an ergency rule requiring public notification within 24 hours. it appears mosaic the point. >> i can assure you that we have learned our lesson.? the company maintains it is recovering well and catching the water. west lawn residents can't help but wonder. >> i was wondered how they stuck their nose in other peoples business. there is one time and let you
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>> reporter: so far 150 private wells have been tested and those reading come back with one exception. those tests take a little longer. we are told that they should come in sometime tomorrow. >> the story is changing constantly so you can count on us to say on the new information. there's also a special section ouwebsite devoted just to the sinkhole. you can get updates all the time at /sinkhole. ates returning to the r e --ne of e in baleaf most-watched debate. voters thought hillary clinton
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polls by cnbc type fox news and fortune resulted in trump as the winner. as expected the debate was one of the biggest tv events of the year. early estimates showed 70 to 80 million americans tuned in by comparison 46 million watch the first presidential debate in 2012 and more than 100 million watch this year. now that the first debate is done the focus is truly on florida this donald trump spending all day on the atlantic coast trying to woo the atlantic -- latino vote. he met with some latino in a meeting and he is on his way to another county. it is a friendly territory for trump. republican voters outnumber democrats by about 40,000. >> florida is about to get another visit from clinton she
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husband will be campaigning in panama city, tallahassee and jacksonville. tim kaine continuing his to her in orlando. old supporters the debate pr ent. >> hillary showed she is pretty -- ready to be president and rey tocommander-in-chief. >> she gave us the stronger than together vision and answered questions that have to be answered and she told the truth. >> kaine described trump as rattled. by contrast comes running mate mike pence said trump took ommand last night. next. the debate is one week from today. we are following the money on a hot button issue this season, medical marijuana. who is bankrolling florida's pro pot movement? >> spent the day through
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campaign finance records. >> reporter: i looked at the money list and found deep pockets and a well-known names are behind the money machine trying to get amendment to pass. everyone from a hollywood actress to a couple who lives in one of the most injurious mansions in hillsborough county. >> i am john morgan and- >> you know him from the lawyer commercial. attorney john morgan is the biggest moneyman push to legalize medical marijuana in florida. we crunched the numbers and sound out at 8 1/2 million dollars his political action committee accounts for nearly half. $4 million. he is also the top donor to charlie crist before governor who is running for congress in district 13. but perhaps the most colorful tampa bay owner is a couple who lives in this mega-mansion.
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theater, re-creation of the oval office and a sports lounge. the husband and wife reportedly made their millions in the medical industry and say 14 election records show donated $65,000 people also on the money list actress dr. channing best known for her role in greece we should point out that most of the donors have contributed $100 or less. good afternoon. a lot quieter today than it was this time yesterday. the only storms are de soto and highlands county. those will be out of our viewing area shortly. this evening will be nice, dry and temperatures primarily in
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hours i would expect the same. four or 5 am there is an outside chance we could see some showers develop like we did this morning. this is something we are tracking. we don't have a depression yet, but there is a very high probability this becomes matthew and a hurricane. this is something we need to watch as well as the islands and we will talk about that a couple of minutes. this evening partly cloudy and pleasant. we have a cold front on the way. tonight we are getting our first look at the chief killing in a home explosion in the prompts -- in the bronx. he was evacuating a home when the debris from that last hit him. they were called to the police for a blake and discovered what
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new details this morning about a school bus crash. florida highway patrol troopers telling us the driver of the saturn was not wearing a seatbelt in that car rear-ended the bus on the road. supersafe the driver was trying to overtake the bus who had slowdown in order to pick up its first student. no one on the bus was injured. if you can come take a look at these pictures of robbers in the middle of an act you can see this their faces covered holding a worker at gunpoint. he has his hands in the air. police telling us that the robbers struck friday night as the restaurant -- as the restaurant was closing rather and forcing manager to open a safe and stole cash along with two employees pounds. officers are still looking for them. an alert that might change what you by. hillsborough county man filing this lawsuit claiming parmesan
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claims to be. you can see from the label the claims to be 100% real grated parmesan. the wsuit claims independent tests showed it has fillers including cellulose which is made from wood pulp. the suit follows several similar ones. >> fathers and mothers are killed. they're saying we have to go to their graveyard..the voice of total child in charlotte resonating with protesters twice her age. stock molding your washer could mean money in your pocket. coming up, we will explain what you need to act fast or you could lose out.
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halloween the clowns have become no laughing matter.
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new developments as we are getting our first look at a man the coast guard rescued after a week at sea.
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the building being evacuated. it comes a week after controversy surrounding the keith scott shooting. details surfacing after that shooting. are abc station in charlotte reporting that he had loaded stolen gun. those emotions boiling over at a city council meeting last night. protesters refusetod for
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spent hours criticizing whom they cl unaccountace officersers ste emotional momeca from little girl. >> we are blacpeople and we shouldn't have to feel like this and we shouldn't have to protest because you are treating us wrong. we do this because we need to to have rights. >> money of the protesters are calling for the mayor and police chief to resign others want all of the video to be release. if you have ever found mold growing in your washer machine or experience the stinky odor that won't go away you could be eligible for some money. >> jackie callaway explains the time to file a claim is running out.>> reporter: whirlpool owner said she noticed an older one year after purchasing a front-end loader. >> it smelled like an old dirty dishrag.
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something to do with her sons dirty laundry. >> we thought the odor from himmelstein and were close.>> reporter: consumer say certain machines ruined their close. some have filed lawsuits claiming they found mold growing in the washers. >> i called this out and in the back of the soap dispenser where you normally don't look was full of black mold. >> reporter: her washer ended up being the focus of a class- action lawsuit. they claimed the washer sold between 2001 and 2008 without a steam feature design flaws that cause mold and mildew. >> the bottom line is the washers them clean themselves properly the way a properly designed washer should.>> reporter: similar suits filed against other companies led to a settlement agreement. if you bought a washer of these brands and experienced mold problems you can file a claim for a chunk of money.
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you have you can get up to $500 cash or a voucher toward a new washer. do it?, the deadline is approaching. the last day to apply is october 10 for lg and october 11 for whirlpool, kenmore and maytag. good news for people who bo des. >> we posted links on where file a claim just go to and click on taking action. good afternoon just another beautiful day at the beach. we had some rain overnight heavy rain at times along the coast. that has moved inland and with the exception of highlands county we are in for a pleasant evening. it will still be warm and
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to deal with the storms that we had this time yesterday with severe thunderstorm warning and a lot of reports of hail. today much quieter and justice warm with temperatures around upper 80s to 9:00 a.m. polk county where the rain has been falling for the past 16 minutes. from tampa, clearwater to st. pete upper 80s topped out near 90 degrees. we have some changes. we are talking about a cool front and then tropics. for the time being everything is still the same, not a lot of change. over the next couple of days we will see the first front of the season. some of us are because it stalled out over central florida. this evening is quiet and dry outside of the ring in the interior county will be gone by 8:00. still a chance of if you count -- showers along the coast.
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had today. tomorrow looks similar. thursday looks about the same to with a westerly wind showers developing first thing in the morning. if you look up to the north by late thursday afternoon that is the hand that is the change. this is a cold front in case you forgot. this will not sleep all the way through. it stalled out along i-4 so if you live north of their will feel some cooler drier air. the afternoons will be warm, the afternoons will be cooler, south on i-for the front will not help you. it stalled out and you stay warm and muggy with scattered showers. your afternoon highs are still warm and on wednesday it will still be that way. some clouds and showers like today, but i think we are looking at drier
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don't normally see front sweep all the way through. this is going to be a lot of talk over the next 10 days. right now it is nothing, a tropical wave. we think it will become a tropical storm and i think eventually a hurricane and a sizable one. where it's going, too early to tell. caribbean and at some point it will turn north. will it be around puerto rico? will be closer to the dominican or 80 maybe maybe cuba. at some point this is going to turn. there will be landmass in its way whether it is dominican, cuba or the us it is too early to tell. this is definitely one, everyone needs to keep an eye on. this could be a very large
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the warmest on earth. upper 80s by friday morning we start to feel a little cooler drier air command arrives on saturday full force. next week the end of the week it is going dresses and someone stole from them. the search for the people that targeted this well-known charity. the amazing act of selflessness that came out after this cre. control. animals getting put down and saying it's happening too much.
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woman walking her dog he fathcebook threats ing clowns. yesterday dispatchers got calls about social media post claiming a clown would attack ne. school. the started in south carolina with similar findings, alabama, and other states. in arizona in high school soccer team is discriminated ag have refused to play the te t h that's what the girls who had to do for the seasons first ta t standor future games they took about so now is the girls cannot play in the whole team will play. >> i don't feel like we should have to give up part of our team to play. >> the team refusing to play opted out for religious
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lucky. death new tonight a teenager is inspiring hundreds of other students to learn potentially life-saving skill. >>arrested for iske men's
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right now@5:30 animal and speaking out too eartbroken many dogs and cats are getting euthanized way too soon. brand-new tonight the two changes coming that could save those animals. good evening everyone.
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citrus county. some say the animal services department is broken. >> erik waxler looking into this showing us how the push to change turned nasty today.>> reporter: this is the dog she brought to the animal shelter didn't deserve to die. >> he would love you to death and lick you to death. >> reporter: lena and 15 other dogs were euthanized here the first two weeks of september alone. >> but when i see something that is a right and a casting for themselves. >> reporter: the dogs were put down that order of the director and she has taken a lot of heat and shutting down her facebook account after online attacks and threats. some volunteers are upset they were consulted. >> we want to see a new director brought in that has compassion for the animals and s experienced your>> reporter: some of the nastiness


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